You Don’t Want A Bigger Penis!!!

Its funny how we want something so badly and work really hard to get it and when we get it, its a lot different than we expected it to be.

You see, I worked hard for years, trying every possible product to make my penis larger. I wasted tons of money and  tons of dignity. I couldn’t talk to beautiful women because I thought that they somehow knew that my penis was tiny.

Every aspect of my life was affected by my penis insecurity.

The moment I found something that actually worked, I was on fire! I set a goal and in time, I achieved my dream penis size. 



I couldn’t understand it for the life of me. In fact I have to admit it still makes me a little uncomfortable. Not when Im having sex, but when Im out in public. 

Its hard to hide my big package nowadays. At any given moment, I will catch someone trying to sneak a peak at my bulge. I cant wear briefs or any other fitted underwear because its too uncomfortable and squeeze my nuts. That shit hurts after a few hours of walking around at work. So, I have to wear boxers.

But, the problem with boxers is that my dick has the freedom to hang. 


I have to wear slacks and a dress shirt to work. Obviously I have to tuck the shirt into my pants. And because my penis is dangling freely, everyone can see my dick!

Not only am I getting stares from the women in the office, but Im also getting glances from the gay guys. This is unwanted attention!

As humans, we’re always trying to get more of something and the moment we get it, its either not enough or more than we bargained for. We’re never satisfied.

Im not complaining. Im just sharing my views on how natural penis enlargement has affected my life. 

Just wanted to vent.


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RE: Re-post of My Small Penis Saga!

Around 1999, I was extremely depressed because my girlfriend cheated on me. I was insecure and I had no confidence what so ever. I cant say it was a total burn, because she actually made me look at myself and see how I was a loser. I blamed everyone else for how bad my life was.

I was always complaining to my ex-girlfriend and to friends about how the world had done me wrong. I didn’t realize how pathetic I looked to them until she cheated on me. I was forced to examine my life. Either I wake up and change the things I didn’t like, or continue being a whinny little prick.

Fortunately for me, I got my ass in gear. I got a gym membership and got serious about creating a better looking body. Then I started reading more spiritual and self-help books that helped me take control of ME. After awhile, all of my old habits and complaints were gone. All except one.

I knew I wasn’t that confident about my penis size…especially after watching so much porn (I’ll explain why this was a problem in a later post).

I thought about surgery for years, even before my ex cheated on me. It would’ve cost me roughly around $12,000 to make it longer and thicker. The money wasn’t the issue (even with my tiny salary), the issue was that I didn’t have the nerve to show my face to surgeon and say “my cock is small, make it bigger…please”. What if the surgeon had a hot nurse working for him? Hell, what if the surgeon was a woman?

That was always in the back of my mind.

Several times, I went to sex shops and bought penis pumps and other bullshit gadgets Every time I went to one of those shops, I wore a baseball cap so far down so that the brim would cover my face. Then Id make sure no one was outside before I walked out. I always used to think, “what if I one of my mom’s friends saw me?”.

Non of those pumps or gadgets worked.

Then one day, I was watching this guy on TV late one night. He was talking about how he had peyronies disease (extreme penis curvature) and how it had shrunken his penis down to a measly little 3 inches. He couldn’t even get an erection so his wife left him!

He said that he found some “exercise” that helped him reverse his condition and add inches to his penis. He showed pictures of his mini-cock and then 4″, then 5″, then 7″.

He talked about how he did it and how it changed his life. He said that he was actually suicidal at that time. Boy did relate!

It was like he was talking to me or something. He created a course for guys that were suffering from impotence and peyronies disease and how to correct it. The course showed how to straighten your curved dick and how to make your penis healthier. It wasn’t so focused on enlarging the penis. It was more about making your penis healthier with penis enlargement being an added bonus.

All I heard was “blah, blah, blah, my penis got bigger…”.

I ordered his course so fast I couldn’t wait!

After only a few weeks, I was harder and a little thicker. Then after about a month, I measured at half an inch longer! I couldn’t fucking believe it! I was 6 fucking inches!

I know 6 inches isn’t that big (its the average penis size), but to me at that time it was HUGE. After about a year and a half (almost 2 years), I was up to 8.5 inches long and 6 inches thick.

Fast forward the story a bit, I met up with my ex and fucked her brains out!

I had a new attitude, greater confidence, an awesome body, AND A BIGGER PENIS! How’s that for revenge?

Looking back, I wish I didn’t get her back by having sex with her. It was wrong of me to be as shallow as she was just to make myself feel better. I’m older and wiser now and I’m almost embarrassed about what I did to her and the way I treated her afterwards.

Since then, I’ve changed my life so drastically from a pathetic loser that wanted the world to feel sorry for me, to a responsible, confident man, who actually enjoys his life. More importantly, I enjoy ME. I like me now.

So anyway, this blog and is my way of giving back. I was at the lowest of lows and picked myself up. I changed for the better, in all areas of my life. But Im NOT special in that way. Anyone can do what I did, even you.

This blog is NOT just about natural penis enlargement. This blog is about helping you and other men from all around the world create the lives that you’ve always wanted.

Whatever I can do to assist you in creating that life, I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading this long ass post.


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This Aint No Magic Wang…I mean Wand!

This Aint No Magic Wang…I mean Wand!

Natural Penis Enlargement Is NOT Going To Work If YOU Dont Work!

Hey Guys!

After last month’s Free Giveaway, Ive learned something very pathetic about human nature.

LESSON: People always want something for nothing.

People expect something or someone to change their lives for them. They want things to change but dont want to do the work necessary for that change to happen.

Thats A LOSER’S way of living.

If you want lasting change in your life YOU have to do the work.

You say that you want a bigger penis but what are you doing to get it?

Ordering a natural penis enlargement program, a pump, pills, or gadgets is only the first step. You have to use and or apply the method of enlargement in order for it to work. Just ordering the item wont do shit.

We’ve tried to help you by taking the first step for you.

We didn’t just give you FREE exercises, but we went a step further by giving you The Penile Solution 4 Week Program…for FREE!

All you had to do was follow the program for 4 weeks. Thats it!

Unfortunately, some of you were too lazy to do it.

Check the stats. No one did it for 4 weeks.

What the hell?!

How bad do you really want a bigger penis?

Ive found that most people – average people will complain all day long about how fucked up their lives are but will never do anything to change it. LOSERS dont want solutions, they want more reasons to complain.


If you want a bigger penis, YOU have to work for it. There is no magic wand that will make it bigger. Follow the Penile Solution 4 WEEK Program for FREE — for 4 weeks straight!

You will see results!

Sorry, Im so upset that my thoughts aren’t really coming together. But Im sure you get what Im trying to say.


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How To Measure Your Penis

You can’t possible know if you’ve made any progress if you don’t know what you’re starting with.

Before you begin any penis enlargement exercise program, measure your current size.

When we measure the penis, we’re measuring erect length and erect girth.

Length: The standard way of measuring erect penis length is by placing the ruler at the base of the penis, where the penis shaft meets the pelvis. Do not press into your pelvis.

Girth: To measure your erect girth, you’ll need a tape measure. Simply wrap the measuring tape around the penis shaft and record the measurement.

When measuring either length or girth, it’s important to record the exact measurement. DO NOT round off. Accurate measurements will help to determine if you’ve gained any results, even if it’s a 1 centimeter gain.

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Join Them In The Challenge

Click here to take part in “The Penile Solution 4 Week Challenge”. is giving you the opportunity to prove that natural penis enlargement is is a scam.

Join the challenge and we’ll send you a FREE 4 Week Training Program. If you dont experience results in 4 weeks, you get to call us liars and scam artists.

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Prove Natural Penis Enlargement Is A SCAM!

We get tons of emails from guys just like you who are interested in natural penis enlargement but, are totally skeptical of its effectiveness.

We get those emails so much that I’ve decided to allow you to prove that it doesn’t work.

That’s right, prove us wrong.

But, in order to do that, you have to agree to try it out and share your results with us and the world.


Here are the supplies you’ll need for this experiment:

Standard Ruler
Tape Measure
Scissors or Razor

For starters, measure yourself in length and thickness. For length, use a standard ruler. For thickness (girth), use a tape measure. Record your size and be accurate and be completely honest. Submit your current size stats to us at:

For this test, you’re going to be utilizing the Jelq exercise. The jelq is the oldest, most important technique for adding length and girth to your penis.

I’m sure you have heard of jelqing. If you have, why haven’t you done it?

So many guys become paralyzed by overanalyzing natural penis enlargement that they never even try it to find out if it works.

All I ask is that you suspend your skepticism for 2 full weeks and try jelqing. If you think natural penis enlargement is a scam, just give this a try then decide if it works or not.

For those of you who haven’t heard of jelqing, allow me to explain what it is.

Jelqing is said to be a secret, ancient natural penis enlargement technique used by Arab men from puberty to manhood until their penises become a whopping 16” long.

Now, I cant confirm nor deny its true origins, but I can tell you that jelqing does work!

As for the 16”, I don’t know.

Besides, why the hell would you want a 16” cock?

Unless you’re planning on joining the circus, 9” should be big enough.

I personally went from 5.5” to 8.5”. So, I know it works. It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t from just jelqing alone. But jelqing was instrumental in helping me add size, especially when I first started out on this journey.

I cant stress enough just how important and powerful jelqing is to your penis development.

Before you start, I recommend trimming the hair at the base of your shaft, right where the penis and the pelvis meet.

Trust me, you do not want to skip this step. It will make doing the jelq easier and you wont risk the pain of pulling your hair.

Lubricate both hands with your choice of lubricant. With your right hand, make an “OK” sign. Apply your “OK” sign to the base of your shaft as close to the pelvis as possible. Clamp with moderate pressure and gently slide your grip down the shaft. Stop just before reaching the head.

You should feel internal pressure as you slide your grip. Just as you get close to the head, repeat this motion with the other hand. As one hand completes the slide, the other begins. This should be done in a steady rhythmic milking motion.

As part of our experiment, commit to doing these 100 times everyday for 2 full weeks.

After 2 weeks, you’ll see and experience positive results. Don’t expect to have a massive penis at the end of this 2 week experiment. You will be pleased with your results though.

Please share your results of this experiment at:

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Want A Bigger Penis This Year?

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